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    Congress must fix the IRA’s small molecule penalty

    "But the IRA is changing the calculus in a meaningful — and harmful — way."

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    The Inflation Reduction Act- Explained by Incubate

    Incubate breaks down the Inflation Reduction Act, diving into implications and potential impacts on life science development. Keep up with...

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    US Government Poised for Long-Awaited Powers on Drug Pricing

    Via Bloomberg: Drugmakers have long said R&D will suffer if prices regulated

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    HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Senate Drug Measures Cut Deficit, CBO Says

    Via Bloomberg Government: Senate Democrats’ tax, climate, and drug-pricing bill would cut down federal budget deficits by $102 billion over 10 years, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said.

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    Biotech Investors Sound the Alarm on Senate Drug Pricing Bill

    Via the Washington Times: A group of biotech investors and doctors are warning that the Senate’s drug-pricing proposal, aimed at lowering skyrocketing prices, would “strike a huge blow” to patient access and halt research on new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and cancer.

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    Don’t Look Up? Congress Can’t Ignore Risk to Small Molecule Drugs in Pricing Bill, Investors Warn

    A budget-neutral fix that would extend the time before small molecule drugs are subject negotiations but increase the minimum discounts for the products is floated as the pricing legislation moves toward a Senate floor vote.

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    LTE: Patents protect people’s access to life-saving medicine

    See Incubate's letter to the editor about why patents are necessary in protecting patient access.

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    To Spend Less on Healthcare, Invest in More Medicines

    Read John Stanford and JF Formela's op-ed on how we can lower health costs by spending more on drugs.

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    CMS’s Devastating Blow to Seniors

    Read Incubate Advisory Council member Gaurav Gupta's op-ed on the CMS's decision to cover Alzheimer's drugs.

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    Investors Say Drug-Pricing Measure May Shift Incentives for Biotech Venture Funding

    A drug-pricing bill the House passed in November could affect which life-sciences startups venture-capital investors are likely to back.

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    House passage of Build Back Better gets mixed reaction

    As investors in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, we're alarmed by the potential consequences of the drug-pricing measure included in the Build Back Better Act, which just passed the House.

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    Regeneron, Janssen Drugs Fit Profile Targeted in Spending Bill

    Plan would negotiate prices of expensive older pharmaceuticals Moderate Democrats sought compromise to preserve innovation