• EPISODE 18- From the JP Morgan Conference: The Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act

    John was at the JP Morgan conference and is here to discuss the key takeaways of the Inflation Reduction Act: the small-molecule penalty, the value of small-molecule drugs, the importance of incentivizing post-approval research, intellectual property, and non-coverage decisions at CMS. You’ll also hear John’s take on the demand for a more pro-patient agenda.

  • EPISODE 17- The Three Pillars of Bio & Medtech Investing and Industry Impact of DEI

    This episode of Making Medicine features Christine Brennan, Managing Director, Vertex Venture HC, where we discuss how diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical for the life sciences industry.

  • EPISODE 16- Understanding Health Equity

    This episode of Making Medicine features Dr. Jerome Adams, Executive Director of Health Equity Initiatives at Purdue University and the 20th Surgeon General of the United States on the importance of health equity and accessible care.

  • EPISODE 15- Addressing The Overlooked AMR Problem

    This episode of Making Medicine features Dr. Henry Skinner, CEO of the AMR Action Fund, who discusses the urgency of finding solutions for AMR and how the fund aims to help.

  • EPISODE 14- Pro-Patient Reforms: The Outlook for 2022

    In this episode, Making Medicine Host John Stanford is featured as a guest, as he discusses the policy outlook for 2022 with Ashlyn Roberts, our Coalition Manager.

  • EPISODE 13- How Better Data Fosters Health Equity

    In this episode, we interview Kirsten Axelsen on the importance of better representation in clinical trials.

  • EPISODE 12- Winning the Drug Development Relay Race

    In this episode, we interview Johannes Fruehauf on how drug development is similar to a relay race, and investment into a drug development ecosystem.

  • EPISODE 11- New Modalities: The Future of Drug Development

    In this episode, we interview Jean-Francois Formela, Partner at Atlas Venture, about what brought him to Washington and his views on the government’s role in drug development.

  • EPISODE 10- The Investor’s Paradox, Drug Development, & Price Controls

    This episode features Peter Kolchinsky, Managing Partner at RA Capital Management, on the state of drug development and the investor's paradox.

  • EPISODE 9- MIT Takeover: A MedTech-VC Partnership Working to Reduce Parkinson’s Tremors

    This episode is an MIT takeover, hosted by guest Lindsay Androski Founder, President, and CEO at Roivant Social Ventures and President, Board Member at Incubate Coalition, who discuss wearable solutions for Parkinson's Disease tremors.

  • EPISODE 8- Venture Capital Investors: The Underwriters of Innovation

    In this episode, we interview three guests about a collaboration story that represents the best of a healthy healthcare ecosystem.

  • EPISODE 7- The Hidden Cost of Price Control Policies

    In this episode, we interview Kirsten Axelsen, Senior Advisor at Charles Rivers Associates, about what would change in biopharma if price controls were implemented.