EPISODE 12- Winning the Drug Development Relay Race

In this episode, we interview Johannes Fruehauf on how drug development is similar to a relay race, and investment into a drug development ecosystem.

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Drug development is a relay race because you pass the baton to the next runner who will take it to the next level. You are proud to have made it onto the stairs at the end of the race not as an individual but as a huge team of experts of subsequent talents.

In this episode we interview Johannes Fruehauf, Founder and CEO at LabCentral/BioLabs, about how the relay race metaphor shapes our understanding of drug development and why we need knowledgeable capital to forge ahead.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Solving challenges that face scaling entrepreneurs
  • The stages of the drug development relay race
  • Investing in a drug development ecosystem that diversifies talent
  • The need for investors who understand pharmaceutical startup proposals

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