EPISODE 13- How Better Data Fosters Health Equity

In this episode, we interview Kirsten Axelsen on the importance of better representation in clinical trials.


If we want data and clinical trials that meaningfully represent the population of people who take the drug, we’ll need to do more than just issue guides.

In this episode, we interview returning guest Kirsten Axelsen,Senior Advisor for Charles River Associates, about making medicine more accessible to lower income people and creating a more equitable health system with better data.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The detrimental effects of price controls on early life stages of drug development
  • Why a price control on one is a price control on all
  • The deep concerns about health disparity and equity
  • How data can address racism, ageism, and poverty in health systems
  • 2022 as the year of the non-COVID vaccine

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