EPISODE 15- Addressing The Overlooked AMR Problem

This episode of Making Medicine features Dr. Henry Skinner, CEO of the AMR Action Fund, who discusses the urgency of finding solutions for AMR and how the fund aims to help.

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Investors are logical people. They invest in medicines that they expect will give them a return.

Right now, there’s far too little investment in developing new antibiotics. The pipeline of treatment is thin, but the need is greater than ever.

Enter the AMR Action Fund.

Hear our conversation with Dr. Henry Skinner, Chief Executive Officer at AMR Action Fund about:

  • The increasing cost of AMR and policy challenges
  • How to build the pipeline to reach the new antibiotics we need to save millions
  • Leveraging healthcare innovation for AMR before it’s too late
  • AMR Action Fund’s first two investments and future outlook

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