EPISODE 17- The Three Pillars of Bio & Medtech Investing and Industry Impact of DEI

This episode of Making Medicine features Christine Brennan, Managing Director, Vertex Venture HC, where we discuss how diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical for the life sciences industry.

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When you’re working to make good investments in bio and medtech there are three key pillars to consider: science, the management team and finance.

But how does it all come together in the end?

Find out in the latest episode with Christine Brennan, Managing Director, Vertex Venture HC as we talk about Vertex’s investment philosophy, why DEI is vital for industry, and what investments could look like for the rest of 2022.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Christine’s journey to becoming the Managing Director at Vertex
  • The investment firm’s philosophy around Biotech, therapeutic investments and Medtech
  • Why it’s so important for the next generation to have women in tech

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